How iPad 2 got me hooked on Apple products

ipad2I consider myself as a reasonable man with a logical approach to things. Recently on May  2011 I bought iPad 2 (Doesn’t sounds very logical, does it?) – it was a birthday present for myself and before buying it I draw a few good reasons for this purchase. Since I am Webmaster and iPad (Safari) becomes trendy I have to test my websites also on Apple devices. (More info: iPad Generates 1% Of Global Internet Traffic)

Another reason – I like reading books while commuting to work (it takes me on average 90 minutes to get to and back from work). Anyway, I just made all these reasons for myself so I can feel less guilty for spending such an amount of money on this “toy”.

This recent purchase really did surprise some of my friends who had always believed that I would never buy anything from Apple as it is:

  • Too expensive and does the same as other devices
  • You will pay for every single piece of software once you have Apple.
  • It is same as anything else just you pay twice more for a brand.

Well, truth be told, I definitely believed in the points mentioned above and there were some more but can’t remember them now. So, basically I went to the shop in a very skeptical mood and came out with an iPad 2 and happy face :) . Actually, before I made my choice I asked some of my friends: “What is better in Apple? Why you are using it? Can you do something that I can’t do on a PC?” Usually the answers were: “No it’s the same, just … maybe more easy to use” or “It simply suits me better.” Well, not very encouraging answers to pay two times more for the same that you can get from other vendors?

Anyway, there is my understanding on the PC/Linux/Apple things around me:

  •  Ubuntu logoLinux/Ubuntu - great way to learn about a “Console, black screen, green letters and feeling like a Neo from Matrix”. All is there, all is for free and nothing works unless you are happy to spend countless hours in digging around on how to adjust your hardware with “THAT” software and get some work done. Basically it is great but not for me as I don’t want to learn how to get something working – I actually want to work without thinking which process is behind each activity.
  •  pc logoPC/Windows - great! Seriously, it is great to work on XP or Windows7. All works as I want. All I needed to do is to put at least 8GB Ram (2010) on PC and no more problems with Windows freezing or with similar issue. 
  •  Silver Apple logoiPad - yes, I know it is not even a laptop but still… It works, it does exactly what I want and when I want. Maybe I am getting too old but I don’t want to figure out why something is not working. I just want to get my stuff done, quickly and without learning “how to”. Strangely but this is exactly how an iPad works. Seriously! I guess the same way is with everything else from Apple.

Conclusion. I bought iPad for simple tasks like reading books, visiting websites and checking emails. What else can you do on iPad? Well, below is a list where iPad becomes handy for me:

  • Communication – Emails, Calendar, Google Docs, Dropbox, Skype, FaceTime
  • Socialization – Twitter, Google Reader, Flipboard, Facebook
  • Entertainment – Books, Games (yes, sometimes), YouTube
  • Hobby – GarageBand, iMovie

One more thing. Apparently there are  many free applications on App Store and the ones which are not for free cost mostly in the range of £1 – £3 per app. Another myth about expensive life with Apple.

Below is my first song that I made on iPad with GarageBand:

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