Javascript Math Game

The very first version of simple javascript Math game. The idea of game is simple just try to get as many points as possible.

How to play Javascript Game:

  • Enter your name (40 characters)
  • Click on the “Let’s start” sign
  • Wait for two numbers and use your keyboard to input answer
  • Press enter and wait for another two numbers
  • Good luck!

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Math test

Counter: 10

Games Left: 10

Click to start a game
Let’s start!

Your Name:

Game Level:


+ =


Nr #1 + #2 = Correct result Your answer Time Spend Points

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  • Vuxis

    Paskaidrojiet ludzu ka tads Mr Nobody vareja iziet 25 limenjus 9 minutes. FIXED!!!

  • karuuzo

    Tur ir nevis time, bet time :) T.i., current time, nevis game time. Jau iesniedzu prasību autoram, lai piemet klāt game time. Ja neklausīs, taisīsim piketu ;)


  • Andris Svarcs

    New version of this game will be out on April, 2011

  • Anonymous

    hey, look, Bojan manage to win you, hahaha

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